To download please press the Download button in the editor panel and choose one of the available formats.  

The JPG format is our default recommendation. 

This depends on the type of device you are using. The default locations are as follows:

Cellphone ( Most Brands) – The file will be transferred into the downloads folder or into the Images folders depending on the brand.

Iphone – The file will be transferred into the media application.

Windows – The file will be transferred into the downloads folder located at “Your Pc name > Downloads”. 

As mentioned in the terms of use, our files are intended to be printed at home as some print labs might require print releases which we don’t provide.

Here are our recommendations on third-party print labs, based on customer reports.

Print labs with friendlier Print Policies

Local photographers ( Some print a lot of things on a side).
Photocopy shops.
Minor Print shops ( Mug, merchandise printers, etc).
Office Depot.

Print Lab with uneven Print Policies


Print Lab to avoid:


We recommend JPG or even PDF as these are accepted in all Web browsers.

Paper – Pretty much every cardstock will work. Some customers use about 70 lbs while others go over 100lbs.

Regarding finishing we recommend Matte instead of Gloss as the latter can be quite sticky.

If you are planning to print at home :

We would also recommend having some knowledge of your own printer because it can be hard for us to offer assistance that applies to all brands and configurations.

We would also recommend printing one “test” invitation on the cheapest paper with almost no color. This will help to control the final output without wasting quality resources.