Frequently asked questions

Please make sure to visit the Email entered in the checkout page and click ” Customize & Download”.


Important: PayPal invoice does not include the same link.

  • Header text.
    Day and hour.
    Decorative elements.
    Footer text.
    Fonts and colors.
  • Websites such as and many others, will allow your to resize images for free.

Important: Make sure that this change affects both weight and height or else the images will be distorted.

  • All personalized files are delivered instantly via dedicated Download button.


No. Party Blink only accepts Paypal.



    1. Hi and thank you for your order, Sally!

      Please click the Load button to access your saved invite and make all the changes you need.
      You must be using the same device where the customization was saved.

      Hope this helps!

      Party Blink
    1. Hi Guadalupe,

      Thank you for ordering from Party Blink!

      Your editor link was instantly delivered to your email ” :Leq…

      Please make sure to check your inbox and spam folder.

      Kind regards,
      Party Blink

      Party Blink
    1. Hi Veronica! Thank you for considering our site!

      That is normal as Paypal invoice will not include the link.
      You should find another invoice from our site and that one will include a direct link to the editor.

      Visual help was included in the first question at the top of this page.

      Party Blink

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